5 tips for booking cheap flights

For travelers searching for the cheapest flights available, there are some surefire ways to find the best deals.

Passengers should absolutely shop around for flight prices before they purchase a seat, because Dayton International Airport and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport both rank as some of the most expensive hubs for airfare in the U.S.

Here are five tips for finding the best deals for flights:

1. Set airfare alerts. Most travel websites like, AirfareWatchDog.comKayak.com and Expedia allow customers to set up alerts for their favorite flights or trips. Customers receive emails when their flight prices drop or a good deal is released.

2. Shop for flights on Tuesdays. According to FareCompare, airlines in the U.S. typically start sales on Tuesdays before 3 p.m. eastern time.

3. Take last-minute trips. When upcoming flights still have open seats close to the departure, prices will often go down in a last-ditch effort to fill the plane.

4. Travel on the cheap days. In the U.S., the cheapest days to fly are typically Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Travels can also search for the cheapest per season through online tools like the Getaway Map. It tracks the lowest fares by season and destination.

5. Travelers looking to take a longer trip abroad should consider an air pass. Air passes are usually a good option for people making multiple stops in different cities in continents like Asia, South America or Europe, according to IndependentTraveler. Buying a pass could be save travelers a considerable amount compared to buying individual tickets for each flight along the way.


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