Uber announces agreement with Dayton International Airport

Uber Dayton ride-share service announced Thursday night that it has reached an agreement with Dayton International Airport.

According to the Uber announcement, their drivers are able to wait for trip requests in the “R Staging Lot” at the airport’s Valet Circle.

Airport spokeswoman Linda Hughes said she could not confirm Uber’s announcement but that more details would be released Friday morning.

The city of Dayton is seeking a single provider for taxi service at the airport, but said ride-sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, would continue to operate.

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Proposals from taxi companies are due by Dec. 14.

About 11 taxicab companies are licensed to operate at the airport terminals, and many drivers have spoken out against the city’s plan. Airport officials have said the single provider would make ground transportation more reliable, convenient and consistent for travelers.

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