Uber announces new feature for app for Dayton, Cincinnati

Uber has released a new feature on its app, in hopes of helping riders combine their commute with public transit.

To make it easier for riders to combine their Uber trip with public transit like buses and trains, the company has integrated its app with the Transit app on Android in nearly 50 U.S. cities, including Dayton and Cincinnati.

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Starting today, when riders are in an Uber and their destination is at or a block away from a transit stop, we’ll begin showing them upcoming departure times in the Uber feed. Uber will refresh the times regularly so riders have the latest information.

If they want to learn more, one tap will take them to the Transit app for a-to-b directions, service disruption information and more. The new update is not available on the Apple iPhone.

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Uber hopes to create better connected cities and a viable alternative to personal car ownership. The company also hopes to reduce traffic and parking because public transit and carpooling means fewer cars, according to company statement.

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