UDRI announces partnership with composites company

The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) is partnering with a Cambridge, Mass company in a new project.

N12 Technologies, Inc., which focuses on using nanotechnology to strengthen composite material, said Tuesday it is partnering with UDRI in using a N12 Technologies material called “NanoStitch” with UDRI’s carbon nanotube production technology.

Brian Rice, a UDRI engineer, said the project will “meet the growing demand for their innovative carbon nanotube product while validating our own production capabilities.

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“The carbon nanotube product market is set for explosive growth and we’re thrilled to be working with the market leader in the category,” Rice said.

N12 Technologies developed the world’s first industrial process for carbon nanotubes for composite reinforcement, both the company and UDRI said in their announcement.

NanoStitch provides designers and engineers with the ability to add “toughness, impact resistance, and fatigue tolerance into their composite materials with a lighter, thinner laminate,” the partners said.

“We are relentlessly pushing the composites industry forward,” N12 Technologies CEO Brad Berkson said in the joint statement. “NanoStitch has proven itself as a commercially-viable product and is attracting attention from some of the biggest companies within the aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and consumer goods industries. UDRI is a key partner in helping us to scale our business and establish NanoStitch as the industry standard for nano-enhanced advanced composites.”

UDRI researchers have performed research work in nano-enhanced composites for some 20 years.

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