Air Force Research Laboratory headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The AFRL has a workforce of more than 10,000 worldwide, with 60 percent based at Wright-Patt. TY GREENLEES / STAFF

UDRI lands $72 million Air Force contract

The work, part of AFRL’s Quick Reaction Evaluation of Materials and Processes program, includes testing of environmentally friendly technologies, determining the cause of component failures , evaluating materials and protective coatings on advanced aerospace systems, among other things.

“This really means we respond quickly to requests for failure analysis investigations and materials evaluations to support the Air Force needs, be it on a base, in the field, or wherever we are needed.” UDRI spokeswoman Pamela Greg said in an email.

The initial award for $11.7 million will focus on research, evaluation, and testing of corrosion control and prevention, UDRI said. The contract supports about 30 jobs at UDRI, Gregg said.

The work will be conducted at Wright-Patterson and UDRI.