Dayton region bright spot: Thousands of jobs announced this year

A perennial concern of recent years is that Ohio is not creating jobs as fast as the nation at large.

But that doesn’t mean Dayton and the region around it haven’t seen opportunities and plenty of announcements so far in 2017. Employers large and small have made moves — and we’ve reported them.

Here are some of the biggest jobs stories the region has seen so far this year. Stay tuned: There’s more to come.

1. Growing firms seek dollars to add 230 new jobs in Dayton area

The Montgomery County Economic Development/Government Equity program is one barometer of who wants to grow and where. Municipalities where businesses want to grow or move apply for sales tax dollars to assist the plans. Projects are gauged and money awarded in two rounds each year. READ MORE

2. Tax credits to create 164 new jobs in Southwest Ohio.

Another way to track job plans: Ohio Tax Credit Authority awards. Here's an announcement about job-creation plans from February. READ MORE

3. Amazon means jobs.

Business Writer Kara Driscoll trekked to the Columbus area earlier this month to speak with applicants seeking a place among more than 1,000 open positions at a distribution center in Etna, about 20 minutes east of Columbus. READ MORE

4. And more jobs. 

Speaking of Amazon, the online behemoth announced its plan in late January to add an air cargo hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. READ MORE. 

The plan entails employing a whopping 2,700 people at the airport.

5. The Dayton area’s fastest-growing manufacturer continues to add jobs.

Fuyao Glass America as been a fairly reliable source of jobs news since the latter half of 2015. The company has about 1,800 production workers making auto safety and aftermarket glass and is steadily carving its niche in the North American auto market, Fuyao leaders say. READ MORE. 

WATCHFrom Frigidaire to Fuyao: How this vital jobs complex has changed over 60-plus years

6. Auto parts manufacturing has been on the upswing.

A Canadian company broke ground in Englewood two months ago for an $18 million, 106,000-square-foot plant that will serve as its U.S. headquarters. The company's focus is treating vehicle under-bodies and producing acoustic components that affect how much noise penetrates a vehicle. READ MORE.

7. So has medical devices manufacturing.

NuVasive, Norwood Medical, DRT Medical and others have tapped into a fast-growing market. Some are growing so fast, they're struggling to find the right workers. READ MORE. 

8. International companies are finding a home across the area. 

A Japanese auto parts manufacturer will invest $55 million and add 85 jobs at the Champion City Business Park in Springfield, the company and officials said earlier this year. READ MORE. 

9. Downtown possibilities are part of the story.

Growth both residential and commercial in downtown Dayton has been lauded in recent years. Here's an aerial look at the downtown Dayton Arcade, where a re-development effort is well underway. WATCH.

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