7 wild things that happened on flights and in airports this year

The airline industry was rocked by various mishaps this year, including a passenger being forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight.

Commercial airlines carried more than 3.8 billion passengers and generated more than $501 billion in revenue worldwide, according to the International Air Transport Association. Check out seven moments from the airline industry in the past year:

1. All flights cancelled at Atlanta airport

A power outage at the Atlanta airport, causing flights to be cancelled or diverted to other hubs on Sunday. About six hours after a power failure began at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, officials said a fire likely caused the outage. READ MORE

2. Passengers tell first-hand experience of Dayton plane emergency

Passengers on Delta Flight 2392 heard a sickening bang just seconds after their aircraft lifted off the tarmac early at Dayton International Airport. En route to Atlanta, the Delta MD-90 aircraft quickly returned to the Dayton airport following the loud noise. Passengers described hearing a "burst" that rattled the plane, according to one passenger. READ MORE

3. 5 new things learned about United Airlines passenger incident

United Airlines was under fire after several videos went viral of David Dao being forcibly removed from his flight from Chicago to Louisville. The 69-year-old man, a doctor from Kentucky, was forced from the plane to make room for four employees who needed to take the flight. READ MORE

4. Spirit Airlines passenger brawl: 5 things to know

Chaos broke out at the Fort Lauderdale-Holly International Airport after Spirit Airlines canceled several flights, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded and angry. At least nine flights were canceled because the airline claims its pilots refused to fly their scheduled flights. READ MORE

5. 5 things to know about United Airlines leggings incident

Two girls were barred from their United Airlines flight from Denver to Minneapolis because they were wearing leggings. The incident spurred a frenzy of opinions on social media, even causing competing airlines to use the incident to promote their own flights.


6. Beavercreek pastor in line of fire during airport shooting

A Beavercreek man was just feet away from the shooter who killed and injured multiple people at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The Rev. John Schlicher of St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Beavercreek, who was headed to the Panama Canal on a cruise with his wife and mother-in-law, stood in the middle of baggage claim when shots rung out. He heard the first shot, and the person to his right collapsed to the ground. READ MORE

7. Thunderbirds pilot told about ‘extreme precipitation, wind shear’ before crash

The crash occurred on June 23 prior to the Dayton Air Show, and injured Pilot Capt. Erik Gonsalves and Tactical Aircraft Maintainer Staff Sgt. Kenneth Cordova. The F-16 sustained significant damage, and the Thunderbirds cancelled all performances at the air show. READ MORE


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