Judge grants treatment instead of conviction for Franklin nurse accused of diluting meds at Miami Valley

A registered nurse accused of diluting some medications and falsifying paperwork at the hospital where she worked was granted intervention instead of conviction.

Barbara Dunn, 42, of Franklin was ordered by Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge E. Gerald Parker Jr. to enter into a drug treatment facility or program for at least one year and not more than five years in addition to up to five years of basic supervision by the Montgomery County Probation Services Department, according to court documents.

As part of the order, Dunn pleaded guilty to the lesser included offense of attempted tampering with drugs and to indicted charges of illegal processing of drug documents, according to court records filed last week.

The incident happened May 7, 2023, and involved the prescription medication lorazepam, according to her indictment. It is the generic for Ativan, used to treat seizure disorders, anxiety and sleeping problems related to anxiety, and to relieve stress in cancer patients.

“The defendant was employed as an RN at (Miami Valley Hospital) and is accused of falsifying paperwork documenting the administration of drugs to patients and diluting some medications,” Greg Flannagan, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman, said previously.

The case was investigated by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Her nursing license is suspended, according to the Ohio Board of Nursing.

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