Motorcycle gang indicted in racketeering scheme: What are they accused of?

Multiple members of a motorcycle gang with a chapter in Dayton were indicted in federal court this week in connection to a racketeering scheme.

The indictment included 14 members of the Thug Riders Motorcycle Club: Juan A. Robles, 45, of Arizona; Joey A. Marshall, 44, of Xenia; Jared T. Peters, 37, of Dayton; Brandon W. Fisher, 26, of Piqua; John A. Smith, 37, of Dayton; Norman D. Beach, 49, of Dayton; Michael S. Henry, 40, of Xenia; Daniel B. Hutton, 39, of Fairborn; Michael L. Reese, 44, of Miamisburg; Mathew J. Hawkins, 32, of Pennsylvania; Joseph M. Rader, 32, of Kentucky; Justin J. Baker, 29, of Columbus; Cody D. Hughes, 28, of Columbus; and Brent A. Egleston, 36, of Xenia.

They’re facing a combination of racketeering, assault with a dangerous weapon and assault resulting in serious bodily injury, violent crimes in aid of racketeering and conspiracy to commit assault and attempted assault with a dangerous weapon, according to court records.

“The indictment in this case alleges that the Thug Riders Motorcycle Club operated in criminal enterprises whose members and associates engaged in acts of violence like murder, arson and assault,” U.S. Attorney Southern District of Ohio Kenneth Parker said. “They also participated in acts of extortion and identity fraud.”

Investigators claimed the members were connected to multiple acts of violence in Dayton, Springfield, Harrison Twp., Huber Heights, London, Ohio, and Lexington, Kentucky.

The suspects are accused in the following incidents, according to court records:

• Around 2 a.m. on May 25, 2021, club members reportedly transported an explosive device to a former club member’s Huber Heights residence and detonated it inside the former member’s pick-up truck, destroying the vehicle. The former club member allegedly left the group without paying the $1,000 exit fee and surrendering their motorcycle. That member asleep at their residence at the time of the explosion.

• During an annual club event on or about Sept. 26, 2021, at the group’s Harrison Twp. clubhouse, members allegedly tracked down a Chevrolet Tahoe to the parking lot of a liquor store in Harrison Twp. Four people inside the Tahoe had been denied entry into the annual event, resulting in a confrontation with members outside the clubhouse. Club members fired 40 rounds at the Tahoe, striking the front seat passenger, later identified as 43-year-old Joseph Nicholson, in the back of the head and killing him.

• On or about May 9, 2022, club members went to West Liberty in Logan County to intimidate and threaten a former member to force him to pay the $1,000 exit fee and forfeit his motorcycle.

• Around April 9, 2023, multiple Thug Riders when to Lexington, Kentucky, for a retaliatory attack on a rival motorcycle group. They reportedly switched their Ohio licenses plates with stolen Kentucky plates before driving out to the rival group’s clubhouse. They fired 192 rounds toward the rival clubhouse during the attack. No one was injured, according to Parker.

• On or about June 17, 2023, members were asked to leave a Dayton bar within minutes of arriving because they were wearing Thug Riders Motorcycle Club colors. One of the members reportedly threatened to shoot up the bar and another threw a chair across the bar. Multiple group members got into a fight with customers and broke a man’s leg and gave him a black eye. Club members were at the same bar on Nov. 18, 2023, and threatened to harm a bar employee and destroy the business if they weren’t served. The bar reportedly had a posted policy of not serving motorcycle gang members wearing gang cuts, colors or support shirts.

• Around July 25, 2023, Thug Riders were at a different Dayton bar and allegedly attacked a patron who was wearing Outlaw Motorcycle Club colors and stripped him of his colors. One of the members also fired a round during the incident.

• Between April 25, 2020, and Dec. 30, 2023, club members forced support motorcycle clubs to pay monthly dues or “protection payments” to the Dayton chapter of the Thug Riders.

• In December 2023, the Kings Motorcycle Club informed the Thug Riders it were terminating its support relationship with the group. After, the Robles, the Midwest Region boss, allegedly refused to recognize the Kings as an independent motorcycle club and started threatening retribution. During the week of March 13-20, a Kings member received threatening messages on Facebook. Just after 10 p.m. On March 20, Thug Riders traveled to the Kings’ clubhouse in Springfield and tried to force entry inside, resulting in a gunfight. Fisher reportedly was shot twice in the head.

• On or about March 16, members from the Thug Riders Columbus chapter went to a London, Ohio, bar and assaulted two Kings members. The attack was reportedly in retaliation for the Kings departing from the Thug Riders and for the shooting in Springfield.

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