NEW DETAILS: Large fight after Wayne HS football game leads to call for officer assistance

Huber Heights Police and Huber Heights City Schools have released more information about a reported large fight at Wayne High School after a football game that led to a county-wide call for officer assistance Friday night.

In a joint release, they said that near the end of the football game, there were reportedly several large crowds that were becoming disorderly, and people started to jump over the perimeter fencing and gather in the parking lot.

School officials and officers tried to disperse the crowds, the release said. However, the efforts were unsuccessful, and the “disorderly behavior continued to intensify and the crowds were not responding to the commands from police or school administrators,” the release said.

The crowds began to move into the neighborhood around the school, the release said, and school and police resources were becoming divided, so they decided to issue a “Signal 99″ or call for officer assistance.

Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center records said that the call for assistance, or “signal 99,” was issued at 9:52 p.m. but canceled just five minutes later at 9:57 p.m.

In the release it said that quickly deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and officers from the Riverside, Dayton and Butler Township police departments began to arrive.

Eventually the members of the crowd left, the release said.

Police and school administrators said that there may be consequences for the people in the crowd. Officials said that, “Anyone identified as being involved in a criminal act will face charges, pending the review of the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. Those attending Huber Heights City Schools may also face consequences for violating the Student and Athletic Code of Conduct.”

The incident remains under investigation by the school district and the police department, the release said.

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