Man accused of killing another over money claims self-defense during trial

James C. Miller

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James C. Miller

A prosecutor and defense attorney gave two different tales of what led to a man killing another during opening arguments Monday afternoon.

James Miller was indicted in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court on multiple charges of murder and felonious assault. A jury trial to determine whether he is guilty of those charges began Monday morning.

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Prosecutors allege that Miller and the victim, 58-year-old Terry B. Young, had been metal scrapping when they began to argue July 8, 2020, in an alley behind Gebhart Street. During the argument, Miller allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Young in the neck, prosecutors said.

They then allege that Miller hit Young with his car.

The trial began with prosecutors and defense attorneys picking jurors and then the selected jurors visiting the scene of the alleged crime. The attorneys began their cases Monday afternoon with opening arguments.

Prosecutors asked the jurors how much money would it take for them to stab their friend, alleging that Miller became angry with Young after a day of dumpster diving and scrapping.

They said the small amount of money the two were arguing about “maybe a little unclear” but what is not was that Miller stabbed Young and then hit him with his car before fleeing the state. Previously, prosecutors said it was an argument about $10.

Meanwhile, the defense painted a different picture to the jury saying that Miller was acting in self-defense when he stabbed Young. They said that Young threatened Miller, that Young had a knife and that Miller was defending himself.

The defense also argued on Monday that Miller did not hit Young with a vehicle. They said Miller and Young were not enemies, but rather spent significant time with each other.

The trial is expected to last at least a couple of days.

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