Do not get scammed by fake Garth Brooks tickets: What you need to know

We’ve heard there are reports floating around of fake tickets being made available and we want you to know that there are ABSOLUTELY 100% NO TICKETS FOR THIS CONCERT. The folks from Garth Brooks’ team have made it abundantly clear that THE ONLY WAY to go to the show is to win tickets from a radio station like us. If you or anyone else wins our Garth Brooks contests your name will be put on a guest list at The Dusty Armadillo. Winners will be asked to present their ID’s upon entry to the bar as well. Winners WILL NOT have any physical tickets.

We are here to warn you that in no way, shape, or form, will tickets be sold to this show. This also means that anyone who wins a ticket with K99.1FM, will NOT be able to turn around and sell them because it is the winners name, and winners name only, that is put on the list at the door to get into the show on Monday, October 28th, 2019 at The Dusty Armadillo. Even if someone seems like a nice person and posts something along the lines of “I can no longer make the show so I am selling my tickets” - NO, this is impossible - there is no way for a person to sell their tickets to this show, because no physical ticket exists.

Bottom line: Do not give anyone money or attempt to purchase tickets to this show, no matter how real you think it seems with a so-called "confirmation number." There are very specific instructions that K99.1FM ticket winners will have, and a confirmation number, physical ticket, etc. is NOT part of it.

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