Beer and a donut burger at Buckin’ Donkey Grille

The place: Buckin' Donkey Grille, Kettering

What to know: We're always looking for a fun, new place to visit, so we picked The Buckin' Donkey Grille in Kettering. It's a shrine to The Pittsburgh Steelers so everything's black and yellow. Whether or not you're a Steelers fan, the bar's cozy and comfortable, and the food is downright delicious.

We each ordered the Dayton Beer Week specials, Sierra Nevada Tumbler and Sierra Nevada Torpedo, each for $2.50 during Dayton Beer Week. We, of course, each share our beers and trade comments.

What we had:

  • Sierra Nevada Tumbler: The brewers Autumn Brown Ale, boasting 5.5 percent alcohol. The label says it's the "ultimate autumn beer" and we think it's pretty good. The flavor is delicate with a hint of smoke and nuts. "It reminds me of a peanut butter cookie," Connie said. Sandy loved the toasted malt Tumbler.
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo: This extra IPA 7.2 percent alcohol beer is a golden amber beverage that is citrusy and hoppy, with hints of pine. It has a bitter but slighly floral clean taste.

Drinking on a Sunday afternoon requires a bite or two from the Buckin’ Donkey Grill menu, so we dove right in. Being adventurous by nature, we both look for the strangest names on the menu, hoping it brings a little surprise to the day. We weren’t disappointed.

The Buckin’ Donkey Grille menu boasts the “Big as Your Butt Burrito”, $8.99. Sandy considered that first, then asked her health-nut companion, “How do they decide how big a “Big as Your Butt Burrito” is? Because if they measure your butt, we’ll starve!”

We also considered the “Triple ByPass Burger,” $8.99, a mixed beef and ground bacon patty, topped with bacon strips, fried egg and cheese. Sounds delish, but a little too heavy for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

After perusing salads, wings and even considering the “Chicken Digit Sandwich”, your Dining Divas had no trouble agreeing on the “Porky the Pig Donut Burger.” This cartoonish cuisine is nothing to laugh at. It’s a mixed beef and pork patty, garnished with three strips of bacon, American cheese and served on a grilled glazed donut. That’s right, just like you eat at the office when you’re having a morning meeting. We looked at each other and grinned, “This is gonna be interesting!”

We also munched on fried pickles, misshapen nuggets of nirvana! Instead of long spears or perfectly sized, quarter-shaped chunks, the Buckin’ Donkey’s fried pickles are all sizes and sometimes, Connie said, “You get lucky and find a double as you’re going through the basket.” Sandy never saw anyone get so excited over a double-chunk o’ pickles.

Our server brought two plates to share this big adventure, complete with Donkey chips, which are thick, fried potato chips, topped with a special dusting of Grippo Chip seasoning and other secret spices, giving it a real kick.

Final musings: The Buckin' Donkey Grille is a friendly sports bar, with a welcoming atmosphere, plenty of seating, a patio and a large menu. We made a note to come back.

The info: Buckin' Donkey Grille, 3808 Wilmington Pike, Kettering

Hours: Monday, 4 p.m.-1 a.m.; Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m.- 1 a.m.

Sandy Collins of News Talk Radio WHIO (95.7 FM/AM 1290)and Connie Post from the Dayton Daily News are two of DDN's Dining Divas; they aren't demanding, but they do feel delightful while downing a delicious dining deal. Dayton Beer Week is going on right now and culminates with AleFest Dayton this Saturday, Aug. 24 from 2 pm to 5 p.m. at Carillon Historical Park. You can reach all the Dining Divas at

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