Health Inspection: Fazoli's Restaurant

Restaurant inspection. CONTRIBUTED
Restaurant inspection. CONTRIBUTED

Address: 5230 Cobblegate Drive, Moraine

Date of inspection: July 18

Violations: Observed salad dressings and cheesecakes at temperatures between 49-50F. Perishable foods must remain cold at 41F or less for food safety. Person-in-charge removed dressings and cheesecakes during the inspection for voluntary discard.

Single-door dessert cooler not able to keep perishable foods cold enough. Equipment must function properly. Ensure cooler unit is repaired or replaced. Authorized to re-stock with perishable foods upon ambient air thermometer reading of 36-39F.

Comments: Replace white plastic stirrer at the pasta cooking station, appears to be peeling.

Chlorine sanitizer concentration: 100ppm

Quat sanitizer concentration: 200ppm

Will conduct a re-inspection on or around 7/25/16 to confirm cooler function.