Health Inspections: Bob Evans Farms


Address: 1981 Harner Drive, Xenia

Date of inspection: April 20

Violations: Found the ice tea dispensers in the waitress station with no lids. Cover all food to prevent from contamination.

Found several squeeze bottles of food items not labeled with common name and a container of seasoning not labeled.

Found soiled utensils stored in hot oil use for cooking of food on the grill top. Discussed with PIC the approved methods of storing utensils and those stored on cutting boards etc., must be washed/rinsed/sanitized every 4 hours or less.

Found hot food prepared at 10:00 a.m. today in the walkin cooler covered, and temped at 90F at 2 p.m. PIC voluntarily discarded the pan of soup. Recommend you use cooling charts and document the time it takes for food items to reach 70F and then 41F to prevent bacterial growth and possible food borne illness.

Found improper cooling methods. Soup discarded had been covered prior to reaching 70F. Foods uncovered for cooling must still be protected from contamination of dust from the above fans during the cooling process. Discussed with PIC to place baking trays above cooling foods to prevent this.

Found crepes stored past the use by date on the container in the reach in cooler. PIC voluntarily discarded.

Found surfaces between the grill top and cold holding by (for eggs/pancake mix) that was not designed to allow sufficient space for staff to clean between. Find a way to increase the spacing for easy cleaning.

Found the make table in the waitress counter leaking water from condensation and freezing up. Repair to work properly.

Found the drain tray on the clean dish side soiled with food debris and racks of clean utensils and dishware stored there. Had PIC return items to dish machine and speak to employee about sanitizing the drain tray more frequently to prevent re-contamination of clean items.

Found the cappuccino machine interior parts not being cleaned and sanitized as recommended by the manufacturer. Take interior parts out and clean. Found the interior to the reach in refrigerator/freezer by the grill line in need of cleaning. Found the interior to the crescor hot holding unit in the back in need of cleaning. Found the interior to the microwaves in the cooks line soiled with food debris. Clean much more frequently to prevent contamination. Found the dipper well for dessert products soiled with mildew. PIC removed scoops to dish machine and will have cleaned. Found the can opener blade soiled with buildup. Had PIC return to the dish area to clean.

Found the grill and openings/knobs underneath soiled with grease buildup. Clean to remove all grease. Found the sides to equipment adjacent to the grill soiled. Found all gaskets to the cold holding drawers in need of cleaning. Found the drawer under the serve line and all shelving in need of cleaning to remove grease and food debris. Found the mixer stand soiled with splash, have staff clean mixer stand after use. Clean the exterior to the crescor hot holding unit in the back area of grease.

Found clean utensils stored improperly with food side up. Found plates throughout cook line stored improperly allow splash and food particles to contaminate surfaces. Invert all clean food plates, bowls in all areas.

Found soiled linens stored improperly in the bottom of the mop basin. Stored soiled linens in designated container and be sure the soiled container does not contaminate food storage adjacent to it.

Found the hand sink by the dish washing area leaking at the drain line into bus tubs. Repair the drain line to not leak and supply the hand sink with paper towels and soap. Found the drain traps below the pre-scrub area of the dish machine not being properly maintained and being allowed to over flow onto the floor. Either improve the screens to the spray station or empty and clean drain traps more frequently to prevent overflow of sewage water.

Found exterior to grease dumpster soiled with grease buildup on the lid. Clean to eliminate attraction to pest.

Found no hand towels in the dining room waitress station, front line waitress station and one sink in the mens restroom.

Found a new reach in cooler with no light installed. Must have a minimum of 20 foot candles of light in the unit. Found a reachin unit by the grill with the light burned out. Install a new light for sufficient illumination.

Found many areas throughout the facility in need of cleaning: walls and floors behind and under the grill line. Walls by the hand sink and adjacent wall by the grill line. Floor and piping under the dish machine, floors in the chemical storage room, floors under dry storage area, top to the dish machine, all drain trays in the dish area, clean under and to the side of the ice machine. Clean both sides to the door of the walkin freezer where dirt has accumulated. Clean fans and pipe conduits in walkin refrigerator of dust accumulation.

Found the cabinet under the drink dispensing machine in the dining room waitress station soiled with syrup spillage, litter and dirt. Found the trash bin cabinet in the waitress station by the restrooms oiled with food debris. Clean all areas indicated.

Found the removable grease filters in need of cleaning more frequently.

Comments: Recommend a more thorough cleaning schedule for facility.