Health Inspections: First Watch Restaurant

Address: 2614-A Colonel Glenn Highway, Fairborn

Date of inspection: May 9

Violations: Found the following foods being held out of appropriate temperature: butter @ 56F, shrimp @ 47F, sliced ham @52F, hard boiled eggs @52F, diced turkey @ 50F. All items were discarded by PIC. Cold holding units are in very close proximity to grill/cook line, which could contribute to the warming of foods held in the make table. Discussed keeping lesser used items below in the reach-in units, or using lids or ice packs to help keep cold foods cold.

Found pre-portioned raw eggs not time-marked. All foods held using time as a control for safety must be listed in a written procedure kept in the facility and must be time-marked with both the time it came out of temperature control and the discard time.

Found several unlabeled shakers, squeeze bottles and bulk containers of salt, sugar, seasonings, oils, sauces throughout facility. Label with common name.

Found bottle of hot sauce stored on chemical storage rack. (corrected)

Found coffee filters stored unprotected in serverline drink station, found cold holding unit lid and wire rack stored on floor by cookline handsink.

Found food debris buildup on upper portion of mixer. PIC set for cleaning.

Found the following in need of repair: tile behind egg grill, re-attach backsplash behind egg grill, hole in wall near hot water heater, drip in pipe under prep sink, drip in handsink near dishwasher, cracked wall corner trim piece doorway from wash station to cookline, re-attach escutcheons throughout facility, caulk/seal around piping wall/ceiling penetrations.

Found the following in need of cleaning: flour under ice machine, ceiling tiles/air vent over cookline.

Comments: At least one manager/supervisor in this facility has obtained Level II Food Safety certification (Jacob Fortener).

Facility has employee training module that includes reporting of 5 major foodborne illnesses. Ohio Food Code names 13 foodborne illnesses that are considered reportable. Please update module to include all 13 listed in Ohio Food Code. Facility may also create a sign-off sheet for employees which would list the 13 illnesses. **It is very important that all employees are aware of the requirement to report a diagnosis of any of the 13 foodborne illnesses listed.**

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