Health Inspections: Hibachi

Address: 14 N. Third St., Fairborn

Date of inspection: May 10

Violations: Found no level 2 food handler certification available during inspection. Provide PIC with registration and handout.

Found no bodily fluid clean up kit or clean up procedure. Informed PIC and handouts were given.

Found mini fridge holding hot dogs at 45F and refrigerated juices at 44F. Discarded.

Found mini fridge holding at 45F. All TCS have been removed.

Found the following items in need of repair: under sink in women’s restroom, covebase in women’s restroom, hole under counter in women’s restroom, missing/damaged floor tile around facility, wall by men’s toilet, reseal sink to wall in restrooms, and ceiling tile missing by men’s restroom.

Found dust/debris in the following areas: behind equipment, under 3 compartment sink, and ceiling vent at bar.

Found no light at 3 compartment bar sink. Needs minimum 20 foot candles.

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