Health Inspections: Mack’s Tavern

Restaurant inspections
Restaurant inspections

Address: 381 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 20

Violations: Observed no quaternary ammonia or chlorine bleach sanitizer test strips in facility. Ensure each are obtained so that sanitizer levels can be monitored.

- Quaternary ammonia- minimum level of 200ppm

- Chlorine bleach- minimum level of 50ppm

Observed multiple chemicals being stored over single service items. Ensure all chemicals are stored separate from or below foods, utensils, single service items, and food prep surfaces in order to prevent contamination.

Comments: PIC was informed to ensure all handsinks are accessible and supplied with soap, hot water, and paper towels.

Spoke with PIC concerning proper datemarking on foods. Foods, prepared in facility and held for longer than 24 hours, are datemarked with a prep or a discard date. Foods shall be discarded no longer than 7 days after prep date.

PIC informed that level 2 food safety training has been completed.


- Pulled pork- CH- 40.0F

- Mac n cheese- CH- 40.0F

- Diced ham- CH- 38.0F

- Cheese spread- CH- 40.0F

- Pickle filling- CH- 37.0F