Health Inspections: Tim Horton’s

Address: 1245 Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, Fairborn

Date of inspection: May 16

Violations: Found the following items in need of repair: light out in employee restroom, reseal handsink to wall by office, hole in wall under prep wash sink, and walkin freezer door is damaged.

Found dust/debris in the following areas: mop sink, employee restroom, under equipment, beside equipment, under shelves, floors of walkins, behind equipment (reachins debris behind).

Found the following items/equipment stored improperly: non-inverted ice scoop, box of disposable cups in dry storage on floor, uncovered coffee filters by drive through window, and uncovered coffee filters front of house restroom side.

Found dust/debris in the following areas: tops of dispenser, tops of equipment, inside front of house oven, and sides of equipment.

Found the following equipment in need of repair: front of house items down (reachin cooler), hot water dispenser, specialty coffee maker, dishwasher out of order, and wall oven. Repair, replace, or remove all items.

Found handsink besides office with s-trap leaking large amounts of water on floor.

Comments: Facility has signature sheet for health documentation, level 2 food certification, and bodily fluid clean up kit.

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