Health Inspections: Tim Hortons

Address: 6793 Miller Lane, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 19

Violations: Chili was holding at 118F. Chili shall be reheated to minimum 135F prior to holding. The temperature can be higher but no lower than 135F at any time. Reheated to 168F. OK.

The sanitizer container attached to the dishwasher was empty at the time of inspection.

The detergent was empty as well. Provide all supplies to the dishwasher for proper utensil washing. For now, wash, rinse and sanitize only in the three compartment sink until the supplies are provided.

Comments: All other temperatures were good:

Ham, cold holding at 37F

Turkey, cold holding at 36F

Cheese, cold holding at 41F

Cream of broccoli soup, hot holding at 166F

Chicken noodle soup, hot holding at 160F

Steak, hot holding at 158F

Sausage, hot holding at 171F

Eggs, hot holding at 152F.

All good hot and cold holding temperatures. Be sure to use your thermometer and check food temperatures throughout the day to ensure proper food safety.