Health Inspections: Uno’s Chicago Grill

Address: 126 N. Main St., Dayton

Date of inspection: June 13

Violations: Observed the following food out of temperature range for cold holding:

- Diced tomatoes in sauce 50F

- Salad mix between 47F-50F

- Beer cheese 50F

- Shredded cheese 50F

Ensure all TCS foods are maintained at or below 41F for cold holding to limit the growth of bacteria. Beer cheese and shredded cheese was voluntarily discarded by PIC during inspection. PIC contacted company for reach-in units at the salad/grill line and walk-in to be serviced.

Observed salad and grill station reach-ins and walk in holding TCS foods between 47F-50F. Ensure all units are serviced to hold temperatures at or below 41F for TCS foods. During inspection, PIC contacted company for units to be serviced.

Observed the following food contact surfaces with a buildup of food residue/debris:

- Inside of ice machine

- Can opener

- Dough press

- Back of frying pans

- Deep dish pizza pans

Ensure food contact surfaces are cleaned every four hours or as needed to remain free of buildup.

Observed the following non-food contact surfaces with a buildup of debris:

- Vents located on the ice machine

- Door handles to reach in and walk in freezer and doors to all reach in units

- Inside of the ice cream freezer

- Rack that is located beside the ice machine

- Air circulating fans

Ensure non-food contact surfaces are cleaned more frequently and remain free of buildup.

Observed kitchen personnel cleaning utensils in food prep sink. Ensure equipments and utensils are being cleaned in three-compartment sink/dish machine where they can be washed, rinsed, and sanitized, to prevent any potential source of contamination and the spread of disease.

Observed fruit flies in the bag-in-a-box area and in the general dining area.

Ensure bag in a box area is mopped and kept clean and dry to prevent the entry of insects and monitor, clean, and provide pest control as needed in operation.

Comments: Discussed level 2 certification being completed prior to next inspection.

Order has been placed to repair handsinks that will not turn off.

Reviewed norovirus cleaning procedure with PIC.

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