Health Inspections: Wendy's

Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED
Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED

Address: 3988 State Route 22/3, Loveland

Date of inspection: July 7

Violations: The person in charge was unable to demonstrate proper knowledge of food safety and prevention. Please ensure PIC on site is familiar with all procedures and proper temperatures, etc. To prevent or correct factors that may cause foodborne illness, based on the risks inherent to the food operation, during inspections and upon request, the person in charge shall demonstrate to the licensor the applicable food safety knowledge at the time of inspection.

Observed no towels or hand drying device at the handwashing sink(s). To prevent contamination by hands, each handwashing sink or group of adjacent handwashing sinks shall be provided with: Individual, disposable towels; a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel; a heated-air hand drying device; or a hand drying device that employs an air-knife system that delivers high velocity, pressurized air at ambient temperatures.

Observed a build-up of dirt and debris. Area underneath soda machine in drive through had accumulation of items. The physical facilities shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them clean, and cleaning shall be done during periods when the least amount of food is exposed.

Comments: All temperatures within required ranges.