Warren County Health Inspections

The following are summaries of state of Ohio standard inspection reports on file from the Warren County Combined Health District, from the week of Oct. 19-23. District information is available online at www.wcchd.com.


1530 Wal-Mart Drive, Lebanon

Date of inspection: Oct. 21

Violations: The rinse temperature in a mechanical warewashing operation is not adequate to sanitize dishes and utensils. The dish machine did not reach the proper sanitizing temperature of 180 degrees. The machine’s temperature gauge registered at 108 degrees. The store will use the three-compartment sink for final sanitation until the repair is completed. To prevent pathogen growth: in a mechanical operation, the temperature of the fresh hot water sanitizing rinse as it enters the manifold may not be more than 194F, or less than: For a stationary rack, single temperature machine, 165F; or for all other machines, 180F. Correct By: 23-Oct-2015.

(Corrected during inspection) Equipment food-contact surfaces or utensils are dirty. Observed filthy microwaves located in the deli and bakery areas. In fact, an employee immediately removed the deli microwave from service because of a burned condition. The store manager stated, “That all microwaves will either be removed from service or cleaned and replaced.” To prevent contamination, equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch.

Observed improper storage of food items. Observed heavy ice build-up in the seafood walk-in freezer as well as the freezer between the deli and bakery. Observed several open frozen food boxes in the deli/bakery freezer. The store manager had an employee close all open boxes immediately. No contamination was observed. Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food in a clean, dry location, where it is not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination, and at least six inches above the floor. Correct By: 23-Oct-2015.

Food products are not honestly presented. Observed several six and eight count packaged doughnuts with incorrect labeling. An employee immediately removed all packaged doughnuts from sale until they correct the labels. Food shall be offered for human consumption that does not mislead or misinform the consumer. Food or color additives, colored overwraps, or lights may not be used to misrepresent the food. The sale of kosher foods shall be in accordance with section 1329.29 of the Revised Code. Correct By: 23-Oct-2015.

Bulk food display for customer self-service was not properly labeled. The bakery failed to adequately identify the doughnut types in the consumer self-dispensing display case, concerning a customer’s potential inquiry regarding an ingredient’s list. The store manager had a bakery employee correct the donut labeling matter immediately. Bulk food that is available for consumer self-dispensing shall be prominently labeled with the information specified under (C)(2) of this rule. Correct By: 23-Oct-2015.

The water flow pressure in a warewashing machine is not adequate. The pressure gauge was broken. The flow pressure of the fresh hot water sanitizing rinse in a warewashing machine, as measured in the water line immediately downstream or upstream from the fresh hot water sanitizing rinse control valve, shall be within the range specified on the machine’s data plate and not be less than five pounds per square inch or more than thirty pounds per square inch. Correct By: 23-Oct-2015.