Jake Owen Reveals He’s Performing at Michael Ray’s Wedding

Wow - this is pretty awesome! It looks like Jake Owen will be performing his song “Made For You” at Michael Ray and Carly Pearce’s wedding.

Here’s what Jake revealed at a recent Nashville event about how Michael Ray asked him:

"After I played this song at St. Jude Children's Hospital a few weeks ago with Michael Ray on stage and Randy Owen and Clint Black, Michael came up to me afterwards and said, 'Hey, man. I don't know how to say this. Would you mind playing that song at Carly and I's wedding?' "I said, 'Holy shit. Yeah, I'd love to!' And then I realized: 'I'm a wedding singer now.'"

“As funny as that is, it really is a true testament to...I mean, the fact that I’m going to be singing it at two singers’ weddings with a song that honestly means something to them . . . this is a powerful song about life and love.”

Jake revealed the song also made him think about his girlfriend Erica Hartlein who he’s expecting his second child with (first child with Erica - his first daughter Pearl was from his first marriage to Lacey Buchanan). Jake continued, “I’m super thankful for her [Erica] and this song hit me at the right time because having a child before it, being divorced and going through all that, [I was] wondering what love’s all about . . . "This song, ‘Made For You,’ is about being made for somebody and I definitely feel that Erica and I are made for each other and we found each other.”

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