Hear Whitesnake’s David Coverdale Talk “The Rock Album” And The 35th Anniversary Edition Of “Slide It In”

Hear Whitesnake’s David Coverdale talke “The Rock ALbum” and the 35th anniversary edition of “Slide It In”.

Whitesnake have a couple releases these days.

One is the 35th anniversary edition of “Slide It In”.

The other is “The Rock Album” coming June 19th.

“The Rock Album” is the White of what Whitesnake is calling their “Red, White And Blue Trilogy”.

“Love Songs” will be the Red and “The Blues Album” obviously the Blue.

The songs have all been remixed by Christopher Collier.

David spoke about all these projects and box sets to come.

Listen to the interview below.

Below that check out an unreleased song from “The Rock Album”, “Always The Same” and a couple other songs.

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