RaeLynn Tricks Fans On Halloween With Costume

RaeLynn really got fans for Halloween this year! I definitely don’t think that was her intention but she made sure to have a little fun with it. She decided to be a pregnant Kylie Jenner for the holiday this year. Kylie Jenner had her baby a few months ago and named her daughter “Stormi.” So RaeLynn took an outfit, a wig, shoes and makeup that all reference the way Kylie dresses, gave herself a pregnant belly, and posted to social media saying “Stormi, I know I don’t know you but I already love you.” Fans commented on the photo saying “congratulations” or “when did she get pregnant.” Another fan said “I love the name...” So, to say she fooled some people whether that was her intent or not, it worked!

Now the real question is, is this her way of telling fans that she is expecting a baby in the future? Who knows... but either way, she is still one of my favorite people.

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