Stars willing to show their normal lives

Nancy Wilson is a morning radio personality for K99.1-FM.


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Have you seen that “Celebrities, they’re just like us” segment in Us Weekly magazine? “They shop at the grocery store!” “They walk their dogs!” “They have bad hair days!” (Well, not really.) Of course, these are usually paparazzi pictures on the unsuspecting celebs when they’re at their most human.

Country stars, on the other hand, seem to freely let their fans know they’re not all bright and shiny all the time.

Just the other day my country crush, Dierks Bentley, posted a selfie of himself on Twitter, “have I ever told you guys how cool it is to have an old jeep with no working fuel gauge … ? until you run out of gas.” There he is, looking forlorn in his old Jeep, stranded on the side of the road. I would have gladly been his good samaritan.

The week before that Blake Shelton found fellow Oklahoman Roho Hartman stranded in high water. Hartman told KOFR-TV he was trying to push his stalled truck up a hill, waist deep in water when a Dodge truck pulled up with a handy tow rope and a familiar face. “The guy said ‘Are you ready?’ ” said Hartman. “I thought … that looks like Blake Shelton.” Sure enough, it was. Shelton even gave Hartman a ride home, during which they snapped some pictures. “It was great. He’s a good fella, I think,” Hartman said.

Justin Moore recently took to Twitter to find his lost dog, Hank. The family was on vacation in Destin, Fla., when the terrier mix ran off. Moore had to get to a show in Valdosta, Ga., and was forced to leave Hank behind but posted a plea on Twitter, “I know this is a shot in the dark, but know the folks in the area are great people, and willing to help out where there is a need. In addition, I know we may have fans vacationing in the area.” Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Rick Scali found Hank and notified Moore, who called Scali Hank’s “savior.” Scali refused a reward but says he’ll take Moore up on his offer of a future get-together.

This past weekend the gorgeous Jana Kramer was in concert at the Rose Music Center with Easton Corbin and Scotty McCreery. Before her performance, the singer met fans at her meet-and-greet wearing designer sweatpants. Country music is all about real life, so why wouldn’t those who sing it, live it?

He may not sing, but country comedian Jeff Foxworthy was in town last year for a charity event. In a phone interview he told us he’s always asked how he comes up with his material. “I just talk about things that happen to real people every day. Yes, I shop at the Walmart. Yes I drink beer, just like my fans.” He recounted a time he saw fellow comedian Eddie Murphy perform. One of his bits was about an extended exchange with his limo driver. “Eddie is an amazing performer and extremely funny, but who do you know who rides around in a limo?” Foxworthy laughed, “Not me!”

Country stars may have more talent and more money than average people, but they really are just like us.