Did you know George Carlin has Dayton connections?



Happy birthday -- and we miss you, George Carlin.

If ever there was a time to hear your take on world events, this would certainly be it. But we’re probably being greedy, sir. After all, you gave us so much classic wry wit and thoughtful commentary through your 71 years, we’re still talking about your act long after your passing, mostly because it’s just as relevant now as ever.

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Carlin, who died in 2008, was born on May 12, 1937 in New York City. However, Dayton played a huge role in the comedian’s life.

Long before his famous Seven Dirty Words bit, Carlin found himself at the Racquet Club -- different from the one currently located in Kettering Tower -- in 1960 as part of the short-lived comedic duo of (Jack) Burns and Carlin, warming up jazz and big band audiences. It was there he met hostess Brenda Hosbrook.

“Brenda and I clicked on all levels right away,” Carlin remembered.

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Hosbrook, a distant relative of Dayton.com's own Mark Fisher, married Carlin in her parents' Dayton home the following year.

Carlin returned to Dayton in the 80s when Brenda's father  -- affectionately known as "Lloyd" -- passed away. Asked to give the eulogy at Tobais Funeral Home in Belmont, the comedian wasted no time in lightening the mood.

“As he approached the small lectern, Carlin turned to the open casket and said, ‘Pardon my back, Lloyd.’ You could see people struggling with whether to laugh or cry from that moment on,” Fisher recalled.

Brenda died in 1997 after battling liver cancer.

In 2005, Dayton played another pivotal role in Carlin's career. The Grammy Award winner was preparing for his 13th HBO special, which was to be broadcast live from Manhattan. Carlin chose to perform at the Schuster Center on Oct. 27, just days before the special as a warm up.

The master of social commentary left us in 2008, but he’s ever the more germane to 2017.

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