A cold wind is about to blow through Dayton, bringing back a favorite seasonal brew


Credit: Warped Wing Brewing Company

Credit: Warped Wing Brewing Company

There’s a cold, cold wind coming down from Warped Wing Brewing Company.

The Abominator, a 9.1% German-style Doppelbock, is making its return to Warped Wing on Thursday, Nov. 29. Every Daytonian knows about the Blizzard of ‘78. But what they don’t know is what the blizzard brought into our city.

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“The big one. Blizzard of ‘78. Dayton comes to a standstill. Brought to us not by Mother Nature but by a legendary Yeti named The Abominator. He passed through town and snuggled in for the night. Unknowingly turning our town into snow, ice and cold. But all was not lost. To make up for the city’s misfortune, he left a batch of Doppelbock behind to warm the hearts of those in need. The Abominator Doppelbock. A German-style lager with a nutty, bread-like aroma. Mild sweetness from the warming hints of caramel. And a clean, rich, malty finish. Stay warm my Yeti’s,” read a Warped Wing Facebook post.

Warped Wing is hosting a launch party for the homecoming on Thursday, Nov.  29 at 5 p.m. Abominator will be available in 6-packs for $11.99.

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WHAT: Abominator Launch Party

WHEN: 5 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 29

WHERE: Warped Wing Brewing Company, 26 Wyandot St., Dayton

INFO: Facebook

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