A Friday night of music and beer at Blues and Brews


What: Blues and Brews with Nasty Bingo and Sharon Lane, Trey Stone, Rich Reuter and other special guests

Where: “Old” Yellow Cab building, 700 E. Fourth St., Dayton

When: 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 23

Cost: $10

More info: 937-203-8175 or www.yellowcabtavern.com

Artist info: www.nastybingo.com​

Like most local bands, Nasty Bingo has played its share of underwhelming gigs over the past 10 years. However, members Brian “Red” Baumgardner (guitar, banjo), Matt Byanski (vocal, percussion), Steve Phelps on (drums) and Ron White (bass) learned long ago, the best approach is to make each show a special event.

Next up is Blues and Brews with Nasty Bingo, a night of music and craft beer at the “Old” Yellow Cab building in Dayton today. The bill also features special guests such as Sharon Lane, Trey Stone, Brian Spirk and Rich Reuter.

“We’re old enough to have seen it all,” Byanski said. “I’ve played plenty of gigs that were poorly marketed and not thought out so you don’t have a good crowd. We’re all too old for that. I’d rather do less shows, plan each one out and have some type of game plan behind them. If not, then I don’t want to do them.

“We came up with the Blues and Brews idea early in the year but we only had a few months to put it together,” Byanski continued. “We were going to do a different show with some other groups but that fell through so it’s been challenging getting the special guests in there.”

Chris Yakopcic will open the show. Nasty Bingo will serve as the house band for the evening and will be backing the special guests.

“It took some work,” Byanski said. “We had to learn their songs and some of them are sitting in with us on our own songs so they had to learn our songs but everything sounds great. We’re really excited for this show.

“We’ll do a few small-group acoustic songs after Chris and then take a short break,” he continued. “Then we’ll hit it hard with the full-on, rock ‘n’ roll blues show with piano, double guitars, harmonica, trombone and mandolin. That part could go on for two hours or more.”

Like other shows at the venue, the Yellow Cab staff is handling alcohol sales for the event. The craft beer list wasn’t available at press time.

“You feel like you have a partner in the event when you work with Yellow Cab,” Byanski said. “They handle the beer and deal with the IDs and armbands and make sure there’s no underage drinking. They also help with the promotion and then we handle the door money, the sound and everything else.”

Blues and Brews begins at 8 p.m. Admission is $10 and doesn’t include beers.

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