Fear of books, fear of people, fear of balloons among phobias taken on by local show

Your biggest fears will be in front of your face at an annual Oregon District event.

Clash Dayton's 10th annual Phobia Art Show takes place from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2 at the shop, 521 E. Fifth St.

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Nearly 30 local artists will present phobia-themed works.

Attendees will be invited to vote for their favorite pieces for a $1 per ballot.

Money raised will be split between the winning artist and Dana Feisty to help with her medical bills, according to the show’s Facebook page.

Feisty was injured during an alleged assault, supporters say. 

The Phobia Art Show coincides with First Friday coordinated by the Downtown Dayton partnership.

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Artists participating in this year's show and their phobias  are as follows:

😱Jason Goad —  atychiphobia: fear of failure/fear of regret
😱Matt Freeman — robophobia : fear of robots, drones and other mechanics
😱Caleb Hoskins — thanatophobia: fear of death 
😱Randy Jennings — autophobia: fear of being alone or isolated 
😱Danielle Andrews — bibliophobia: fear of books 
😱Jessica Gilbert — odontophobia:  fear of teeth or dental surgery

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😱Jacobee Rose Buchanan — thalassophobia: fear of the ocean 
😱Patrick Jason O'Reilly—  anthrophobia: fear of humans 
😱Andrea Heberling Benson — dendrophobia : fear of trees
😱Kara McCray — emetophobia: fear of throwing up 
😱Erica Blackstock  — samhainophobia: fear of Halloween 
😱Carla Witwer — globophobia: fear of balloons
😱Talia Ellen- ornithophobia: fear of birds
😱Kevin Pittman — TBA
😱Amber Walker — entomophobia: fear of bugs
😱Brian Yala Hughes — galeophobia:  fear of sharks
😱Amanda Jobe Henterly — lepidopterophobia: fear of butterflies and other winged insects.
😱Michael Betts — katerreophobia: fear of falling apart/dissolving 
😱Cherry Fullam — caligyneophobia: fear of beautiful women
😱Lyn Bucalo — phobophobia – Fear of phobias
😱Jes McMillan — arachnophobia: fear of spiders 
😱David Kenworthy — xenophobia: fear and distrust of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange
😱Michelle A. Carr — allurophobia – fear of cats
😱Misty Dawn Brothers — dementophobia: fear of going insane 
😱 Kristin Bailey — chirophobia: fear of hands 
😱 Debra Curry — seplophobia: fear of dead or decaying flesh

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