If ‘Killer Brownie fondue bar’ wasn’t on your bucket list before, well…

Dorothy Lane Market to host 14th annual pastry & fod show April 19 at its Springboro store

If you believe the words “Killer Brownie Fondue Bar” belong together in the English language, then Dorothy Lane Market believes it has just the tonic for you and all others suffering from the will-it-ever-end winter blues.

The locally owned three-store grocery chain will host its 14th annual Dorothy Lane Market Spring Fling Pastry and Food Show from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. April 19 at DLM's Springboro store.

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DLM officials say they’ve responded to customer demand by amping up the selection of savory foods to complement the sweet offerings. Attendees will receive a passport of sorts to have stamped as they make their way through the foods, pastries, wine, and beer highlighted from six different countries: France, Belgium, England, South Africa, Canada and the U.S. Upon completing the passport and acquiring all six stamps, attendees receive a commemorative Champagne flute.

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“This winter has been never-ending, and we want to make sure this year’s Spring Fling will be a bright spot for every attendee,” the event founder, Jennifer Clark, said in a release. “We started with just pastry but have expanded this show to include a full-blown menu as well, so come for dinner and dessert.”

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Sweet items on the menu include Liège Waffle, a traditional Belgian waffle with caramelized pearl sugar; The Bakewell Tart, an English butter tart shell filled with raspberry and almond cream; Cronut, DLM's version of the famous croissant and doughnut hybrid; Hertzoggies, a South African coconut tart filled with an apricot jam; and a Killer Brownie Fondue Bar.

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Among the savory offerings will be: Donair, seasoned beef with pita and sauce; Poutine, fries fried in duck fat and topped with cheese curds and gravy; Bubbles & Squeak “Cake,” mashed potato and leek cakes; DLM Pimento Macaroni & Cheese with a Green Tomato Relish; and a French Picnic Station.

The cost of admission is $50, and tickets are available online. The full menu of food and wines, along with ticket information, can be found at www.DorothyLane.com/SpringFling.

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