Happy Birthday, Huber Heights! What to know about the city at 36 years old

Huber Heights turns 36 today.

The city was incorporated on Jan. 23, 1981, from the former Wayne Township, which no longer exists.

Here are five things you should know about Huber Heights and its history:

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1. Name developed for its developer: Charles H. Huber, the developer who built many of the houses that eventually became a core part of the city, is who Huber Heights is named after. His development of Wayne Township began in 1956. Huber also started Ohio's first privately-owned utility company.

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2. That's a lot of brick houses: The city was known by the line "America's Largest Community Of Brick Homes" for years. Charles Huber's Huber Homes company built more than 10,700 single-family homes and 2,250 multi-family units there between 1956 and 1992. The current city slogan is "Come Grow With Us."

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3. Too much for just one county: Huber Heights is part of three counties. Montgomery County is obvious to most, but the city limits also extend into Miami and Greene counties, and it abuts Clark County, but does not cross over there - yet.

4. Mixing business with pleasure: The city says Huber Heights is home to nearly 850 businesses, from high-tech manufacturers to distributors, restaurants and retailers. And while the number of employers and jobs they offer have increased, Huber Heights is home to more than 200 acres of parkland and programs offered by the city and by Five Rivers Metro Parks.

5. A rose by any other name: The city began building a 4,200-seat outdoor amphitheater in 2013. The fully-covered venue was completed in 2015 and became The Rose Music Center at The Heights. It has become a popular destination in its first two seasons, located in The Heights development, which is a growing retail, dining and entertainment district off Interstate 70.

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