The Playground Theatre will present Really Really, at the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center, beginning on  Thursday, Dec. 3 with showtimes running until Sunday, Dec. 6. (Photo source: provided by The Playground Theatre)

9 reasons to see The Playground's production of 'Really Really'

Founded in June of 2014, the mission of this theatre to bring the excitement of live theatre to Dayton by harnessing a previously untapped audience: millennials.

With that in mind, The Playground presents "Really Really," a contemporary drama that pushes the edges and embraces the harsh realities a group of college seniors must face as they struggle to transition into adulthood. The show opens Thursday, Dec. 3 and runs through Sunday, Dec. 6.

The plot: When the party of the year results in the regret of a lifetime, one person will stop at nothing to salvage a future that is suddenly slipping away. In this quick-witted and gripping comic tragedy, it's every man for himself.

The play has even been compared to a literary classic.  

"It's Lord of the Flies with smartphones," said Ben Brantley of The New York Times.

Without further ado, here are 8 reasons not to miss this show (and yes, you should probably get your tickets now).

1. Gripping trailer

You're really, really going to have to try to not be captivated by this trailer:

2. A play about millennials

"Really Really" is a play about the Millennial Generation. It follows a group of college seniors on the cusp of graduating and entering the real world. It takes a look at the struggles and fears they face in a society that is telling them “The American Dream” may be impossible to obtain. How do they deal with the stress and anxiety of growing up and figuring out who they are while having to fight and claw their way to success? In the end, they just want what everyone does: to be happy.

3. Keep it casual

You can keep it casual at "Really Really." Come as you are—wear your jeans and t-shirts. And hey! There will be a bar outside the theatre, so why not grab a drink before the show? 

4. The soundtrack

Music is a major component of the show. The Playground is all about setting the right mood, and music helps to tell the story in a fresh and modern way. There will even be an accompanying "Really Really" Spotify playlist, featuring music from the show that audiences can follow. 

5. Comic tragedy

The play is a roller coaster ride of emotions. You will feel like you are watching a teen sex comedy and then it takes a darker more tragic turn. It’s hilarious, heartbreaking and extremely authentic.

6. It's relevant and relatable

It deals with a very relevant and serious issue that is occurring on college campuses every day. Its takes place in modern day and is a very honest and relatable portrayal of the millennial generation.

7. It's edgy

The play is packed full of edge. It doesn’t shy away from the shocking truth about kids today. There will be language, sexual situations and brief nudity. It is raw, gritty, and most importantly, real.

8. Young talent

Our production will feature young talent from all the major colleges in the Dayton area: Wright State University, University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College. Makes sense, considering one of The Playground's goals is to represent Dayton and offer opportunity to local artists.

9. Why the heck not?

People are always complaining about how there is nothing to do in Dayton, right? Why not take a risk and check out theatre? It is a raw, in-your-face experience that's like nothing else. Watching a performance at The Playground, won’t be anything like seeing The Nutcracker with your grandma.