The popular Lights Festival is returning to set the summer mood at the Ohio Renaissance grounds

Whenever The Lights Fest has come to town, thousands of people have flooded in to take part in the surreal event.

On Saturday, June 2nd, The Lights Fest is returning to the Dayton-area at the Ohio Renaissance Festival grounds in Waynesville, just a 40-minute drive from Dayton.

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The Lights Fest is a company that tours worldwide, creating enchanting memories for people across the country and around the globe. Family and friends gather to listen to LIVE music, fill-up on lots of food from the festival’s vendors and then release their lantern to join the hundreds of others floating into the night sky.

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The mood at the festival is magical, as each person in attendance has their own meaningful reason for participating. According to Light Fest's website, "It creates a surreal ambiance, where time slows down as your single flame rises with thousands of others."

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Environmental impact is a sensible concern, considering hundreds of lanterns are regularly released at a single event. That's why The Lights Fest has a clean-up crew ready and waiting in the designated landing zone. All lanterns are also biodegradable, according to Light Fest's website.

Want to go? 

WHAT: The Lights Fest

WHEN: 5 p.m.- 8 p.m. Saturday, June 2

WHERE: Ohio Renaissance Festival grounds, 10542 E State Route 73, Waynesville, Ohio

COST: $55 Your ticket includes a packet to be picked up at the event. The packet contains a lantern, marker. Any child under three years old is free to the event. Children ages 4 - 12 need to purchase our kids ticket. Lanterns are not included with a child's ticket. 13 years and older will be charged an adult ticket.


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