Three questions with Doug Barry

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Doug Barry is the CEO of BarryStaff.

What do you love most about your city?

We have so many talented entrepreneurs in the area. They are always willing to meet up and share ideas. Dayton has a long history of innovation. We all know the names: Wright Brothers, Kettering, Patterson, Deeds, etc. In the modern day, the names may not be household names, but the talent is here.

What issue in do you feel needs more attention in our communities?

The positive impacts of extracurricular activities on our K-12 youth. When kids are involved, a lot of the issues our communities are dealing with are impacted in a positive way. Most successful kids have been and are involved, whether it’s band, the arts or sports. Parents shouldn’t push kids to participate, but support them getting involved. It’s amazing to see what kids can accomplish when they put down their phones.

What’s your Big Idea for the Dayton region?

We have the annual Fly-In to DC and legislative day in Columbus. We need a day for all local elected officials to meet in Montgomery county. This will help promote collaboration and get local elected officials working better together.