VOICES: I want to educate, expose and empower the Black diaspora

“To me we are the most beautiful creatures in the whole world. Black people. And I mean that in every sense. Outside and inside and to me we have a culture that is surpassed by no other civilization but we don’t know anything about it.” - Nina Simone

My name is Sade Dike, pronounced: (sha-day dee-kay). In my East Nigerian Igbo village, I am addressed as Princess Ada, first granddaughter of Former Igwe (Ruler) Dr. Philip Nwoke Dike.

I am a proud half-Nigerian and Black-American, born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I’ve been known for my adventurous spirit and nomadic lifestyle after living, working, and studying throughout Europe, East Asia and Africa. After traveling across Nigeria on my own since the age of 16, I knew I wanted to create an experience other young people and underexposed travelers in the diaspora would enjoy without all the stress and trouble I experienced.

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As a travel enthusiast, I created Our Africa Legacy (OAL) to take the West African diaspora on a thrilling, educating, and empowering journey across Africa — safely.

Our Africa Legacy’s (OAL) mission is to bridge a legacy between West Africa and its diaspora communities in the U.S. and around the world by educating, culturally and spiritually empowering, entertaining, and exposing them to the new land of possibilities: Africa, our first home. From helicopter rides over Lagos, to guided walks through my traditional village in the East, travelers will have a chance to embrace the culture through local markets, fashion and native cuisines.

Our first trip is planned for Nigeria, a nation rich in ancestral history directly connected to Black Americans, Cubans, Brazilians, and other diaspora generations in the New World as the result of forced immigration through slavery.

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These trips will educate generations of the diaspora on our cultural capital while also connecting them to West African culture, commerce and traditions in an authentic way. You can sign up for a free Q&A with me to review all trip details by emailing Sadejdike@gmail.com. We will be registering for summer trips by March, so be ready to reserve your spot.

OAL Tours invites guests on a journey to each country in West Africa, where the trans-Atlantic slave trade purchased and stole our ancestors. The trans-Atlantic slave trade is not where African American stories began, and where it took us cannot be where our stories end.

Sade Dike is the founder of Our Africa Legacy.

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