VOICES: Support arts collectives that enhance the Black creative experience

Black Community is bountiful and beautiful. We are that rhythm, that pulse.

Community must be protected and nourished, not destroyed, exploited, mocked, or ridiculed. Community must be celebrated as it is the true circle of life.

Community is at the foundation of what I am called to do, which is why I created Scripted in Black, a multi-disciplinary creative collective.

I got started doing small gatherings that were women of color-centered to curate a creative safe space for us, by us. After completion of an intensive business training and development program, I evolved the brand to include an event series that caters to all Black and Brown identities while providing an even more intentional and collaborative space for our local creative community.

We are the only collective that provides an alternative to the traditional arts scene by curating socially forward high vibe experiences for Black and Brown communities that are rooted in creativity, arts, culture and community.

Credit: Sean Korey

Credit: Sean Korey

We are keenly aware of the importance of keeping these experiences affordable, diverse, representative, consistent, and in familiar community environments to make sure Black and Brown identities have a safe home in our Dayton arts and culture landscape.

Scripted in Black honors and upholds four tenets with each and every experience we curate and exchange we encounter. They are: Intentionality, High Vibe, Connection + Community, and Love + Light. Each value is infused in what we do and provide for our community because we understand the importance of quality, commitment and consistency. You will always leave full, inspired, loved, and connected after any SIB exchange.

Do you want to get involved or support SIB? Simply come to an experience and let it change your life. Spread the word for those interested in an alternative social life experiences that are rooted in culture, high vibes, and community. We are always building our amazing volunteer community. If you’d like to sign up, email us at scriptedinblack18@gmail.com. We are also looking for monetary contributors to expand the reach of SIB for more intentional impact. Learn more about how you can engage with us on our website, scriptedinblack.com.

The community is invited to join our [BLACK]nificence Interactive Experience event happening on Feb. 23 at the Dayton Metro Library. We’d like to recognize Dayton Metro Library as this is a special partnership we are so grateful for.

We’d like to encourage our city to support collectives like ours that enhance the Black creative experience in ways that truly center connection and community, love and light, intentionality, and high vibes. There is no other experience like a specially curated one from SIB.

Dana Graham is a multidisciplinary creative, social curator, and community manager from and currently based in Dayton, OH. She attended Stivers School for the Arts and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies with a concentration in Directing from Wright State University in 2015.

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