One of our favorite winter comfort foods is Lily's Bistro's bone-in pork chop. 

6 go-to Dayton comfort foods for cold weather

There are certain foods that go so well with cold, snowy weather -- think hearty soups, mac n’ cheese, and sandwiches that heat up your belly.

There’s a reason we call them comfort foods: they offer solace from the raw, frigid winter blasts.

And when it’s snowing and freezing outside and it’s time to decide what to eat, it might be hard to motivate you to get out and about -- maybe you’ll opt for the old packet of ramen just so you don’t have to make a grocery run. But if you do brave the weather, these warm and delicious meals will be waiting for you as a reward.

  • Coco’s Bistro’s Italian Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque 10 Dayton go-to comfort dishes for cold weather, item 1 Coco's Bistro's Italian Grilled Cheese and Tomato Bisque. Photo Source: Coco's Bistro

    250 Warren St., (937) 228-2626.

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Really, is there any better food pairing than the gooey, heavenly cheese squeezing out between slices of crunchy and buttery toast, basically designed for dipping into creamy tomato soup? Cocos’ Italian Grilled Cheese sandwich ($12) kicks it up a notch on panko-breaded sourdough for extra crunchiness and a four-cheese blend that pairs oh-so-well with their creamy tomato bisque ($4 by itself).

  • The Green Olive’s Chicken Noodle Soup 10 Dayton go-to comfort dishes for cold weather, item 4 Homemade chicken noodle soup at the Green Olive. Photo source: The Green Olive

    3630 N. Dixie Drive, (937) 221-8939. Facebook

    Since the former Golden Eagle got a name change and a makeover this past summer, longtime customers and new patrons have loved the Green Olive Restaurant and Pizzeria's new additions along with the old staples. The soup rotations, made fresh daily, are always a hit, especially the chicken noodle soup. One spoonful heats you up in a flash, and maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but even if we’re not feeling sick, we feel like we got a 1-up Mushroom after a bowl of this soup.

  • Hickory Bar-B-Q’s Hungarian Cabbage Rolls 10 Dayton go-to comfort dishes for cold weather, item 6 Hickory Bar-B-Q's Hungarian Cabbage Rolls. Photo source: Hickory Bar B Q

    1082 Brown St., (937) 228-5252.

    As far as warm, hearty, winter meals go, cabbage rolls and other Eastern European fare do an excellent job of heating you up from the inside, filling your belly with delish meat and veggies rolled up in silky cabbage leaves. Hickory Bar-B-Q has been serving up some of the best around town for years for only $12.25.

  • Lily’s Bistro’s Bone-In Pork Chop 10 Dayton go-to comfort dishes for cold weather, item 7 Lily's bone-in pok chop. Photo source: Lily's Bistro

    Bone-in smoked pork chop: check. House-made apple “mostarda”: check. Red cabbage and creamy mashed potatoes: check. Between this dish ($23) and their Sunday night family-style fried chicken dinners, Lily’s has the comfort food checklist on lock.

  • Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen’s Baked Ziti 10 Dayton go-to comfort dishes for cold weather, item 9 Many delicious plates at Jimmy's Italian Kitchen. Photo source: Jimmy's Italian Kitchen

    3002 Woodman Drive, (937) 293-9133.

    Meat. Cheese. Noodles. Baked together. What could be more comforting? Not only is the dinner-size baked ziti portion a steal for $8.99, but your lunch for the rest of the season should be set for $6.99 (plus fresh baked garlic rolls!).

  • Blind Bob’s Bar’s Pickle Soup 10 Dayton go-to comfort dishes for cold weather, item 10 Blind Bob's Bar's famous pickle soup. VIVIENNE MACHI / STAFF

    430 E. Fifth St., (937) 938-6405.

    If you’ve had Bob’s pickle soup before, you already know. If you haven’t, let us just say as former pickle haters, this soup will convert you. You will order a cup ($2.50) and then wish you got a bowl ($4). Without the tang of the pickles, this would still be a hearty and delicious potato soup. But let’s not be boring here. You can still add a little pizzazz to your winter meals.

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