Despite the warnings — or because of them — this drink is getting big buzz

Wine may be fine and gin may be in, but the drink that’s getting the big buzz this summer? Capriccio Bubbly Sangria.

On social media, it’s generated warnings from drinkers who compare it to Four Loko, even though Capriccio is only 13.9 percent alcohol.

The makers have been quick to capitalize on going viral, posting on Twitter that people should “Believe the hype! Capriccio Sangria is an experience like no other!”

And now Capriccio claims it has become “the fastest growing sangria in the US. A unique blend of flavorful fruit sangria to be enjoyed at any celebration!”

However, others on Twitter have their own warnings, saying “I swear that capriccio bubbly sangria is viagra for women” and “I was in slow motion the rest of the night” with a photo claiming less than half the bottle had been drunk. Some users said they blacked out after a bottle or two, others only wished they had.

Despite the warnings — or because of them — others were eager to give Capriccio a try, if they could find a four-pack.

One reviewer on Twitter said it reminded her “a lil bit of communion but the workings of this beverage ain’t nothing but the gotdamn devil. I approve 100 percent.”

Its maker, Florida Caribbean Distillers, says it’s also the top-selling sangria in the Caribbean. Besides Capriccio, they also make single-serve bottled cocktails called ShotBalls.

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