GET ACTIVE: Fun and fitness for furry friends and their families



Bahati & Frey’s Place offers health and wellness opportunities for puppies and their people alike.

The dog daycare, enrichment and training center hosts a variety of events from pack walks to Zumba and “Yappy Hours” to family movie nights at the 8,800-square-foot Dayton facility. Owner Maria Ochs, who has worked in shelters including SICSA, is focused on keeping dogs and their families happy together.

“I started this to help circumvent the rehoming surge and keep dogs in their homes,” Ochs said.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, close to one in five households acquired a cat or dog between the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and mid-2021 – approximately 23 million American households. While most of those animals remain in those homes, some pet owners found the challenges, responsibilities and expense to be too great.

“Some people feel guilty they don’t have enough time or that their dog spends too much time alone,” Ochs said. “And there can also be behavior problems in some of these cases.”

Bahati and Frey’s Place, named after two shelter dogs who left a lasting impression on Ochs, is designed to help pet owners overcome those obstacles.

Canine care and compassion

The AKC Fit Dog certified club offers a variety of training and enrichment options from puppy classes to specialized training. The doggie daycare is a fun-filled experience that includes swimming, nose work and agility activities. There is even a dog ballpit.

“My vision was to create a place that will make a difference,” Ochs said.

Yappy Hours are a time for tunnels, swimming, digging, dog fishing and bubbles, all designed to boost confidence levels. Some nights they even have bounce houses and inflatables for the dogs.

“There is nothing offered like this in the area,” Ochs said.

And happy dog – happy owner, but there are plenty of fun activities for the humans as well.

Family fun and fitness

Zumba Saturdays will be a new fall offering at Bahati & Frey’s that includes a one-hour upbeat Zumba class while your four-legged friend enjoys enrichment and socialization nearby.

“You don’t have to have the guilt of leaving your dog to go work out,” Ochs said. “You can both get a workout.”

If you’d prefer a stroll, pack walks are group dog walks where both the people and the puppies get to socialize.

Movie and game nights enable families to keep the kids and canines amused. Enjoy family-friendly movies – complete with popcorn – or try your hand at board or card games all while your dog has a playdate of their own.

For more information on these or any other events at Bahati & Frey’s Place, 1825 Webster St., visit or Facebook.

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