Here’s a quick upgrade for your kitchen

Q: Dear Ed: I enjoyed your recent column about installing an air freshener toilet seat for a quick bathroom upgrade. But what about the kitchen? I think we would all enjoy your advice for a quick kitchen upgrade as well.

— Beth, Michigan

A: Plumbing accessories for the bathroom and kitchen are a hot topic, so there's no shortage of ideas when it comes to quick plumbing upgrades.

A new kitchen plumbing accessory that’s really caught my eye is a battery-operated countertop touchless soap dispenser. With a countertop unit, all you need to do is fill it up with liquid or foaming soap and place it next to the kitchen sink. With the no-touch feature, there’s no touching the soap dispenser with unwashed hands, and this can help promote better hygiene in the kitchen. Just hold your hand(s) under the spout to dispense the soap.

Other features can include no-drip operation and variable soap dispensing amounts. Also, stainless steel finishes are available to give your new touchless soap dispenser a really clean look.


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