How to make a statement with a chandelier

The chandelier, once a common and popular fixture in the home, is now making a comeback. Whether for function or aesthetics, chandeliers can help make an instant statement.


The entryway is a common location for a chandelier. The visual impact of placing a chandelier there can help set the tone and introduce guests to what is to come.


Chandeliers can be used to define rooms, especially dining areas. Often the selection of the dining table as far as its shape, style and even location is dictated by the location and style of the chandelier placed above it. Typically dining areas have an air of formality, and the style of chandelier can reflect this or a more casual feel.


From living rooms to kitchens and even bedrooms, these days few design rules apply. One way to make an impact in any room is through lighting. A chandelier can be used to add illumination, define a particular area or infuse a particular style or aesthetic.


Do choose a chandelier that is the appropriate size and scale. A chandelier that is too big or too small can look out of place.

Do select a chandelier that makes a bold statement.

Do pay attention to style and color. A chandelier should complement your decor .

Don’t forget that not all chandelier have to be overly fancy. Consider a chandelier that may be simpler if it fits your lifestyle.

Don’t hang your chandelier too high or too low. The bottom of the chandelier should allow for ample headroom, without being too close to the ceiling. The entire chandelier should ideally be visible from the entry point into the space.

Don’t purchase a chandelier that is overly trendy. A chandelier should be an investment, kept over time, as opposed to a temporary lighting solution.


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