Kings Island to rename 3 rides with new ‘Camp Snoopy’ overhaul

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

One of the biggest changes coming to Kings Island in 2024 is the renovation of the children’s area.

Since 2010, the area has been titled Planet Snoopy and themed for the popular Peanuts franchise. However, for the 2024 season, Kings Island decided to change things up.

While still themed to Peanuts, the area will now be set in a classic American summer camp and renamed “Camp Snoopy.” Kings Island will now have an area similar to those found at other parks within the Cedar Fair chain, like Cedar Point and Knott’s Berry Farm.

Kings Island announced that to fit the new outdoors theme, several existing attractions will be redecorated and renamed.

The first is Flying Ace Aerial Chase. This inverted coaster opened back in 2001 and is themed for the “Rugrats” television show. Upon the area’s Peanuts makeover in 2010, the ride became Flying Ace Aerial Chase, and was themed to the classic feud between Snoopy and the Red Baron.

The coaster will now be titled Woodstock’s Air Rail, and will feature a new backstory. Snoopy’s sidekick Woodstock will be delivering mail across the park. To fit with the new color scheme of the land, the ride will feature a brown and green appearance.

Credit: Greg Lynch

Credit: Greg Lynch

Also changing names will be the Woodstock Gliders. This ride will now be called Franklin’s Flyers, as guests will be trying out the new gliders Franklin designed.

The final attraction to be changing names will be Race For Your Life Charlie Brown, the park’s popular log flume attraction. Now, the name will be changing to Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride.

As the ride was already themed to a summer camp, it may not change much besides the title, but the park has not confirmed this.

Aside from theming changes, the new area will also feature a completely new attraction, Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers. This will be a family coaster that takes riders forwards and backwards through a 672-foot course.

The coaster is manufactured by Vekoma, which has built multiple attractions for the park in the past. Some examples include Woodstock’s Air Rail, the inverted coaster Invertigo and the now-defunct Firehawk, which closed in 2018.

Kings Island is poised to open on April 20, however the new land will take some extra time to be fully completed. The park has not given a specific time guests can expect Camp Snoopy to be completed, simply giving the time window of “late spring.”

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Where: Kings Island Amusement Park, 6300 Kings Island Drive, Kings Island

When: Park opens April 20; Camp Snoopy opens late spring

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