Local woman honored as Mother of the Year by twins club

Statewide group has local ties

Evelyn Berry of West Carrollton recently was crowned Mother of the Year by the Ohio Federation of Mothers of Twins Club (OFMOTC), a statewide group that focuses on supporting mothers of multiples.

Berry, a mother of three, including 8-year-old identical twins, has been an active member of both the OFMOTC and the Dayton Mothers of Twins Club for over eight years.

“I enjoy the supportive nature of the organization. This organization has a wealth of knowledge and more importantly, first-hand experience in raising multiples,” she said. “The women I’ve met through our common bond of mothering multiples have become life-long friends. They have touched my heart and provided me strength, and I will forever be grateful for their friendship.”

The nomination process begins at the local level and a panel of three judges – two not affiliated with DMOTC – selects the local winner.

“I was completely surprised and honored to be crowned DMOTC’s 2014 Mother of the Year,” Berry said.

All local winners are submitted to the statewide panel, and the final winner is chosen from this pool.

“When I heard my name announced at OFMOTC’s 2014 Mother of the Year, I was completely shocked. I have come to know many amazing mothers through this organization and so many of them are worthy of this honor,” Berry said. “If I had any advice for Moms, regardless of multiple status, I would encourage them to enjoy every moment…build memories and create traditions. Few children will grow up remembering their childhood home as clean or messy, but they will remember the love and the fun that they shared there.”

Another Miami Valley resident, Katie Lewallen of Dayton, was named the OFMOTC’s 40th president in June.

Prior to her election, Lewallen, the mother of fraternal twin 14-year-old boys, served as a board member, chairperson, second vice president and first vice president.

“I have been truly blessed to be a part of this club,” Lewallen said. “When I am feeling like I can’t do the job, whether serving them or even at times as a mom…they revive me, they energize me, without knowing any of my woes or anxieties or problems. Somehow, these moms understand and just have the support I need, even if I only need it once or twice a year.”

In addition to their mission of supporting the unique needs of moms with multiples, the group offers an annual scholarship to a mother of multiples or children who are multiples and votes annually on a charity to which they distribute a philanthropic grant.