Redbook mentions local skin-care company

Mother and daughter started Kate Ryan products.

They saw full-color evidence of their success in an article in the March 16 issue of Redbook Magazine. The article “Your Most Beautiful Age? It’s Right Now!” made mention of their Vitamin C Daytime Repair Serum.

Finnan, a registered nurse with a love of science and chemistry said that she started thinking about skin care after she left her job as a donor transplant coordinator to work for a medical spa.

“After working with professional-grade skin care, and then being pregnant for the second time, I really began questioning the ingredients that I was putting on my skin every day. Especially while pregnant, I started being very critical of the ingredients in our food but also skin-care products,” said Finnan.

Her questions led her to begin doing research on the various skin-care products on the market. She said she found that even the most expensive bottles of skin-care product that might be sitting on bathroom vanities had long lists of ingredients, but few were beneficial, and some were potentially harmful.

After this revelation Finnan decided she wanted to create a skin-care line that kept the future health of the skin in mind.

She and Steinbicker starting doing the legwork to get the business off the ground. Steinbicker, a marketing professional and former part-owner of Digital Controls Corp./Optica Technologies, took care of the business side of things, while Finnan began interviewing chemists to help her create her ideal skin-care products.

The result she said were skin-care products that are made in small batches and purposely leave out chemicals that extend the shelf life, contain highest quality active ingredients and no fillers. The products are produced in the United States and refrigerated until shipping to help preserve maximum potency of active ingredients. Finnan said that Kate Ryan products are also never tested on animals.

In addition to the quality of the product, Steinbicker said that she believes one the main things that makes Kate Ryan Skincare products stand out from the rest is that they strive to educate consumers.

“Much of our focus is on educating consumers to read and understand ingredients, and to advocate for products that produce real results. We use the phrase, ‘Honest Skincare for Life,’ to encapsulate our philosophy and to recommend consistent use of quality ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin,” Steinbicker said.

Kate Ryan Skincare incorporated in 2011 and sells their products directly on and through their website at

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