Sinclair student is one of Glamour’s College Women of the Year

Shawtra “Tay” Mosely honored for her tutoring skills, mental health advocacy

Credit: Sinclair Community College

Credit: Sinclair Community College

A Sinclair Community College student is receiving national attention for her selfless work on and off campus.

Sinclair student and tutor Shawtra “Tay” Mosely is being honored by Glamour Magazine as one of its College Women of the Year. Mosely received the nomination for her work as a tutor at Sinclair’s Tutoring and Learning Center and as a mental health advocate through her blog, “Tay’s Bipolar Kitchen.”

For over 60 years, Glamour Magazine has recognized college women for their outstanding contributions in science, medicine, media, sports, food and community service through its College Women of the Year Awards. For 2021, the Glamour team decided to focus on women enrolled in community colleges, honoring Mosely and six other students.

Mosely was nominated by Eugene Oswald, the supervisor of Sinclair College Tutoring and Learning Center, after noticing she was incredibly talented at mentoring others in the Sinclair Writing Lab.

“Tay’s dedication and compassion for others inspire all of us in the Tutoring and Learning Center as she works each day to give feedback and encouragement to ensure students are succeeding,” Oswald said.

While Mosely always wanted to be a writer, she was still surprised to receive the attention of Sinclair’s faculty for a personal essay she wrote for one of her classes. When she’s not tutoring, Mosely is writing her own content on her aforementioned blog. In her blog, she shares cooking recipes as well as her intimate journey with bipolar disorder and various mental health struggles. She also shares tips to help others along their own mental health journey.

“After many years of trying to please others, I have learned that self-love and peace are worth fighting for and they give you the strength to then help others,” Mosely said.

Mosely is also working toward graduating with a degree in hospitality management and event planning later this year. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a doctorate in hospitality management.

As one of Glamour Magazine’s 2021 College Women of the Year, Mosely had the opportunity to meet First Lady Jill Biden over Zoom.

Credit: Glamour Magazine

Credit: Glamour Magazine

“What an incredible honor to meet the first lady and share our passion for helping others through teaching,” Mosley said. “She is an inspiration to me and to so many.”

At the end of the day, Mosely believes her time at Sinclair will set her up for great success in the future. At 46, Mosely is finding her voice.

“As a 46-year-old college student, I have learned that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams,” she said. “When I began studying at Sinclair College, I felt that I was seen and heard for the first time in my life. I want to inspire others to find their passion and go for it!”

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