Photo illustration of a turkey dinner.
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Your official Dayton Thanksgiving survival guide

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder if all the Thanksgiving preparation and worry is worth it? 

Hopefully when you finally get to sit down and raise your glass to toast family and friends before you dive into mounds of mashed potatoes, it will be.

That’s why we’re here to remind you to enjoy it. We’ve compiled our best insider Thanksgiving info for Daytonians to help the holiday feel like a piece of cake — or pie, rather. 

1. For when you burn the dinner rolls...

🦃Local stores and restaurants that will help you make (or save) Thanksgiving dinner

Ming Yee stocks shelves in the organic produce section 05 January, 2006 at the Whole Foods Market in Willowbrook, Illinois.

2. For when you wave the white flag while making dinner and decide to let someone else do the cooking for you...

🦃Local restaurants that are open and serving on Thanksgiving Day

Rob's Family Restaurant, 705 Arlington Rd. Brookville, won Go's best place to eat on the cheap. photo by Jim Witmer

3. For a pie that will even impress Grandma...

🦃The best places in Dayton to get scrumptious, locally baked Thanksgiving pies

A new and independently owned bakery founded by a local father-daughter duo has set an opening date of July 27 near the University of Dayton campus. “Partial to Pie” is gearing up to open at 200 Shroyer Road, at the intersection of Shroyer and Wilmington Pike. STAFF PHOTO / MARK FISHER
Photo: Mark Fisher

4. Where to buy the star of the show if disaster strikes ... 

🦃Where to get your Thanksgiving turkeys

Photo illustration of a turkey dinner.
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5. Where to eat Thanksgiving dinner with some of Dayton’s finest and kindest... 

🦃Where to get free Thanksgiving dinner in Dayton

Faith Marie Oakes, 4, enjoys dinner with her father Eric Anders of Dayton during the Feast of Giving, an annual event held each Thanksgiving Day at the Dayton Convention Center. LISA POWELL / STAFF PHOTO
Photo: Lisa Powell

6. Where to take guests who still need to discover the gem that is Dayton... 

🦃Some of the best Dayton 'gems' to show your holiday guests this weekend

Two people are shown climbing the tree tower Saturday, May 5, 2015, the first day it reopened at Cox Arboretum MetroPark. The tower was closed and disassembled after soft spots were found in fall 2016 in its three wooden logs.

7. Where to escape from your relatives to start your holiday shopping...

🦃Here’s when stores will be open for Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping