Airport development: Nearly $3 million spent on Amazon land in Union

A code-named limited liability company involved in the Amazon construction project spent nearly $2.9 million on 44 acres of land near Dayton International Airport.

Project Bolt-Dayton LLC, which is registered to a Chicago mailing address, spent $2,876,077 on 44.2 acres of land at 10791 Dog Leg Road on May 11, according to Montgomery County land transaction records. May 11 is the day the Amazon project was made public.

Erik Collins, Montgomery County development director, confirmed that the purchase is tied to Amazon’s plans for Union.

The site, just east of the Procter & Gamble distribution center on Union Airpark Boulevard, is where Amazon is building its 630,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Union. The center will open next year.

ExploreAmazon and growing competition near airport are expected to boost starting wages

Amazon said its new Union operation will employ 1,500 workers making a starting wage of $15 an hour.

The Amazon center is not only across from P&G’s seven-year-old distribution operation but also north of one of footwear company Crocs’ distribution sites. Crocs is building a third warehouse for its operation, after enjoying a strong sales year in 2020.

Project Bolt Dayton LLC is a Delaware domestic limited liability company created in February this year.

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