Annual Food Summit in Dayton aids fight against food disparities

Hundreds of attendees to Montgomery County’s 12th annual Food Summit in Dayton on Thursday had the chance to discuss ideas and solutions to decrease food insecurity and increase the availability of affordable, healthy food.

The Summit, held on the Sinclair Community College campus, hosted industry experts, government agencies, restaurant owners, nonprofit organizations, agricultural professionals and more.

The theme of this year’s event, “Beyond the Plate, Celebrating Cultures in the Kitchen,” was part of an effort to improve food equity throughout the Dayton community and beyond by gaining input from individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, organizers said.

“This year’s message is critical to our mission because this issue impacts people from all walks of life,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Judy Dodge.

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During one segment of Thursday’s event, a diverse group of speakers shared insight into their respective cultures and the role food plays in the continued practice of traditions.

“To put aside our differences and focus on our similarities helps us strengthen our initiatives and resources that provide our residents with nutritious food,” Dodge said.

Montgomery County Health Commissioner Jennifer Wentzel said the event helps strengthen partnerships between organizations and individuals who each play a critical role in the objective to end hunger throughout the region.

“The Summit helps amplify the voices in our community and allows us to collaborate to improve our food systems,” she said.

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